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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Nothing much to report at the moment. Raya had great sessions at OTand FT yesterday. For the first time since December, her therapist was able to incorporate some of the work she had been doing last summer with Raya to reduce the primitive reflexes that are still intact that shouldn't be. Hopefully things will continue to move in the right direction and she'll keep tolerating therapy sessions as well as she did yesterday.

Since it only took her half an hour to eat her Neocate pudding, she had some extra time during FT. Her therapist got out some speech flash cards and spent some time working on articulation, so that was a nice break from the norm. When we got done at therapy, Raya was still in a great mood so we went to the produce market to get some fruits & veggies. It was a madhouse, as usual, but we got some great deals and she had fun. The we got home and the big kids wanted to eat strawberries and she got upset. It was the first time in a week or two that she's gotten that upset over food so I just hugged her and told her that I was sorry she wouldn't be eating any strawberries and redirected her attention to something else.

She's telling me several times a day that there's puke in her throat. One of the times that she was complaining about it hurting, I offered her mint flavored Mylanta and she actually swallowed it. It must have really hurt! She has a little it of blood seeping out of her stoma again so hopefully the Carafate she's getting for that will somehow help her throat feel better too. I guess if  stomach contents can reflux into her esophagus, so can medicine.

Today I had to finish 2 essays and finish studying for & take a 400 point lab practical for my anatomy      class so I ended up having to miss out on the family get-together this evening so I could get my homework done. As much as I would like to have been there, it was AWESOME to have a quiet house all to myself. While I was slaving away at the computer all day, the kids were having a blast playing with cousins at Grandma&Grandpa's house. They got to color eggs, have an Easter egg hunt, and ride horses. Raya even got to ride and LOVED it. (Unfortunately since i wasn't there, there are probably no pictures unless someone happened to take some.) Raya told me all about her adventures as soon as she walked in the door. Actually, she hasn't stopped chattering since then. It's now after 11:00 and little miss fidget is still WIIIIIIIIIIIIDE awake talking and singing made-up songs about being allergic to various foods, and I'm exhausted just from being in her presence. This is why we shouldn't get off of her normal schedule. It will make for an interesting day tomorrow since she'll be going to church with us for the first time since October or November. GO TO SLEEP, KID!!

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