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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break

Well, here we are again on the good ol'couch. Poor girl WAS feeling better but tonight hasn't been too great. Either her ears didn't clear up or her sinuses are just really congested. Whatever it is, she had a couple of bad coughing/gagging episodes that luckily happened after I had drained 5 ounces of stuff out of her stomach. (mostly formula & snot) She had a TON of air in her stomach too. I think we had some of the best tummy burps we've ever gotten out of her. (We high-fived each other.) She felt a lot better after that. I gave her a pink Tums (because she'll only eat the pink ones) and some Tylenol and got her settled in on the small couch. Then Daddy sat down next to her to use his laptop and she got upset and moved to the big couch. As long as she's propped up well, she's ok but every now and then, she'll cough herself awake, gulp a bunch of air, have some reflux, and cough some more. I feel bad for her but there's not much else I can do for get tonight. I had to turn off the pump 2ml into the last feed because it was right when she woke up not feeling good so now I'm running half pedialyte and half formula really slow with a Farrell bag connected to her. Hopefully it will help. If not, I guess we'll be heading back to the doctor tomorrow. On a more positive note, the weather has been lovely so we played at the park for a while today. It was nice to get some fresh air now that my medicine is starting to kick in and my wicked sinus infection is starting to leave. We haven't done a while lot this week. Spring break isn't too exciting when your mom is sick and going to school. The girls did Skype with Aunt Joanne yesterday. She read them a story, which they thought was really cool.

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