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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sickie sickie sick.

I really hate getting sick. It doesn't happen very often and it's usually not a big deal, but whatever I caught last week has been wicked. Then add in Raya being sick (double ear infections + eye infections last Monday, still congested, etc.) plus the fact that I started my next class last Monday, Ashtyn's birthday was Sunday, and the kids are on spring break this week, and you have a mommy that's ready to not feel like crap anymore.

There's not much to report this week so far. That's not really a bad thing. Raya is up to her usual mischief:
"Mommy, I was looking for a mint for you!"
She's been going to sleep at her usual time around 7:00, and then waking up crying & screaming at 8:30. With her being stuffy & having ear infections & drainage down her throat, I have no idea if she's crying because of her head & ears (doubt it) or because of her stomach. If I had to make a guess, I would say stomach but yeah, I really don't know. Waking up at night because of her stomach is pretty normal for her, she just usually doesn't do it until 10:30-ish. She doesn't act sick at all during the day but after she wakes up, she has a hard time going back to sleep because she's congested. I'm crossing my fingers that we're all past the worst of it. I'm ready to get my senses of smell and taste back and not feel like my sinuses and eardrums are going to explode.

Today she's been having fun with the big kids since they're all home on spring break. Well, except for the part where she plopped herself on the floor and cried because I wouldn't take her to preschool. That wasn't fun. Other than that, she's having a good day though.
She may not look very excited but she's pretty happy to have been invited onto big sister's bed. And aren't her little braids darling?! I love her!!
Hopefully we'll all be feeling well enough to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather before the week is over. It's supposed to be 90 degrees on Friday. Blech.

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