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Monday, March 4, 2013

If you're sick, then act like it please.

Raya has had a bit of a stuffy head lately. She mentioned one time a few days ago that her ear hurt and then never mentioned it again. This morning, her mildly stuffy head was a full blown head cold. I probably shouldn't have sent her to school today but I did. (shame on me, I know) She was in a great mood this morning though, and it was probably the smoothest morning we've had in a couple of weeks. She was happy and although her nose was stuffy, it wasn't really running and she seemed like she felt good in spite of it. After she had been home for an hour or two, her eyes were getting goopy and I could tell that her head was super congested. I waffled all afternoon about whether or not to take her in but didn't decide until 5pm on the dot. Our peds office happens to have an after hours clinic that starts at 5, so I called right at 5 and they had me bring her in at 5:30.

We were in the waiting room for 10 minutes and the exam room for 10 minutes and then we were out of there. Fastest doctor visit EVERRRRRR and that says a lot considering how many she's had in the last 3 years and {almost} 4 months. Verdict: ear infections in BOTH ears and infections in both eyes. Yuck. Thankfully, we have already established (and the ped has documented) that Raya does not do well with 10 day antibiotics, and is allergic to Omnicef (which is used for ear infections) so she always gets a nice little 5 day course of zithromax. The crappy part is the 4x/day eye drops for the next 10 DAYS. How the heck am I supposed to put eye drops in her eyes 4 TIMES A DAY for 10 DAYS?!?! That will be fun.

I always feel bad when I find out that Raya has ear infections (which, by the way, this is her 2nd and 3rd ones in 2 months...) In my defense, however, this child does NOT act sick. EVER. Sometimes I wish she would just so I'd actually know she was sick. She's been happy as can be all day today, and aside from some funny sensory things the past few days, (which weren't even bad things, just different things) you would never guess that she isn't feeling good. She certainly doesn't look like a kid who has ear infections in both ears. Is it so much to ask for her to stop bouncing off the walls long enough to lay around on the couch and do nothing like normal sick kids do?? *sigh* It's ok, I'm glad she's so tough. There is a part of me that's proud of her for being all, "Double ear infections? What ear infections? Pshhhh, I laugh in the face of ear infections. And then I climb on furniture and jump off, and swing from the railings on the big kids' bunk beds."

She cracked me up in the car after the appointment. I was buckling her into her carseat and said something to the effect of, "Sheesh, Raya, can you at least act like you're sick?" to which she replied, "I'm SICK???" I said, "Yes, you have ear infections in both your ears, sweetheart. You're sick." Her reply was {confused look}, "Well that's RIDIC-a-lee-us!!" She makes me laugh so much every day. She is one tough little girl.

On another note, I was able to talk to her GI this evening and update her on Raya's yucky reflux, much improved skin, and apparent delayed gastric emptying with solid food. We are in agreement that before we make any decisions about doing a fundoplication (anti-reflux surgery), we need to first confirm that she is having delayed gastric emptying with solid food. That means that we need to do a solid food gastric emptying study, which may prove to be difficult according to the radiologist, who said that they don't have the camera time to do a 3-4 hour study and that's how it would need to be done. Eek. We may have to take another trip out of state at some point to have more motility studies done. I hope not. I'd really like to not have to do that but if we have to, we will. I don't want to do a surgery that we will regret if there are other things that can be done, either for the dysmotility or the reflux or both. So now we wait...

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