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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter egg hunt!

I waffled for at least 3 weeks about whether or not we were going to the Easter egg hunt for church. Since Donny teaches a class at the community college on Saturday mornings, I knew I'd be taking all the kids by myself and that doesn't usually make me chomp at the bit to do things. :) I knew the kids would have fun but my hangup was anticipating that Raya would be sad if she did an Easter egg hunt and then Mommy took away all the candy out of the eggs. Doesn't sound very appealing, does it. I felt like I was having to choose between Raya and the other 3 kids, who definitely deserved to go to the party and have fun with their friends. I finally decided at 8:00 Saturday morning that we'd brave it and go. Somehow we made it there on time right at 8:30 but it was because I had just thrown all of Raya's meds & formula in the bag and set everything up once we got there. She wasn't quite acting like herself on Saturday. I'm not sure if she wasn't feeling good or if it was because we were in a park swarming with people she doesn't know, but she just wanted to sit in the stroller the whole time. SO not normal for her. 

Once it was time to find eggs, she did get excited. Being the last-minute person that I am, (and not really doing much for the commercial side of Easter) the kids used plastic grocery bags to put eggs in. Except for Ashtyn, she had misplaced hers between the car and the park so she just had to carry her eggs. :) Raya had a great time picking up the 3 eggs she found and putting them in her grocery bag.
 I crossed my fingers that it wouldn't get ugly when I had to take the candy out of them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that 2 of them had cute little Easter erasers in them. The 3rd one had a packet of Sixlets and she held them out to me and said, "I just don't like these." Well okay then! I was sad that she couldn't keep her candy and eat it like all the other kids, and sad that I had to agonize over whether or not we should go, but thankful that she had a good time, thankful that she didn't care about the Sixlets (I ate them...) and extremely thankful for the person who put cute little erasers in some of the eggs. 

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