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Monday, March 18, 2013

Big girl bed

Raya has been sleeping in a crib since she stopped sleeping in the baby swing, which was at about 6 months. Ha ha. (Not joking, by the way.) Her crib came with a kit to convert it to a toddler bed but we never did it. We realized that even after she had learned how to climb out of the crib, as long as she was connected to the feeding pump, she would stay in. It was fabulous. While it lasted. All good things must come to an end though and the power of the crib rail plus freeing pump has run out.

Since she climbs in and out at will, I decided on Thursday that it was time to make the switch. Before: After: She was very excited and has been showing everybody her big girl bed. I wish I could say that she's been sleeping in it but so far it's only happened once and I'm feeling doubtful about tonight too. Bless her heart, she's adorable when she chatters about the deck of cards she's been sorting and re-sorting for the past 2.5 hours and asks me if she can PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch another episode of Monk on Netflix, or tiptoes into the doorway of our room and whispers loudly ” GOODNIGHT” 5 times in 5 minutes, but it's now 12:30am and it's time to get that little fanny in the big girl bed and keep it there! Did I mention we inadvertently missed giving her the ”nigh-night medicine” at the regular time tonight? Yeah. Now we remember why we decided it was a good idea. She did finally sleep in her bed last night, by the way. Her sleep has been so off ever since she's been sick. We're back to where we started with our current OT when we started working with her almost exactly a year ago. At that point, Raya needed some serious rest & relaxation so pretty much every session ended with Raya going to sleep for about 20 minutes. Her body is trying to kick all this crud she's had for the last few weeks but that's hard to do when you're not getting enough sleep so we've shifted gears at OT and we're working on helping her relax again. It seemed to work rather well on Friday: I love when she falls asleep in the swing like that. It makes me tempted to put one up in her room. :)

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