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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to the doctor

Raya has been super stuffy, sniffing every 5 seconds to avoid having to wipe her nose, wiping her nose on her dress all day long, and just generally being very annoyed by her own stuffiness. I asked her around 11:30 this morning if she needed to go to the doctor and she said yes. I said, "Ok, we'll go see the doctor and she can take care of your nose since it's gross today." To which she replied, "My nose is NOT dwoss!" Okay then, Miss 3-year-old! She has become quite sassy lately.

We went in at 2:30 and to my shock, the place was EMPTY. I don't know what happened to our peds office but it's suddenly like a ghost town every time we're in there. Not that I'm complaining. Beats the heck out of having to wait an hour to be seen. We spent about 2 minutes in the waiting room and then about 5 minutes in the exam room (during which time I was looking up antibiotics on my prescription drug app) and then the doctor came in. Long story short, no more ear infections but she's "teetering on the edge of a sinus infection" which is a bummer. It took us a bit of discussion to decide what to do with her. Since she just had a course of azithromycin last week for her ears, we didn't really want to put her right back on it, but she's not a candidate for anything amoxicillin-related because of her history of c. diff. I'm not interested in any other 10-day antibiotics either because her stools are already liquidy enough without antibiotics making that worse (TMI, sorry) and that's just a long time for a kid with a history of c. diff to be on antibiotics, in my opinion. She's allergic to cefdinir (Omnicef) so anything in the "cef" family is out (including Ceclor, which Donny and some of his sisters are allergic to). So that put us back at squre one. In the end, we decided that she would write the script for azithromycin again and I'll hang onto it for a day or two and see if she gets better or worse. If she gets better, then we don't need to use it. If she gets worse, I can get it filled without having to go back in. Win-win. Oh, and while we were there I was able to get the doctor to re-write the prescription for feeding therapy (that was NOT allowed to say "feeding" anywhere on it) that the state now requires me to do the legwork for since she's over the age of 3. I had called about it 2 weeks ago and nobody bothered to do it so that worked out nicely too.

So that's pretty much where we're at. I'm doing everything I can to help with the stuffiness and drainage so hopefully it will work and she won't have to use the prescription. I tried to rub some Tei-fu (an herbal/essential oil lotion blend) on her last night and as soon as I finished putting a tiny bit on her chest, she started freaking out and said, "It's MINT! Get it off!!" So we can add that to the list of things she can't stand the smell or feel of. It's too bad because that stuff helps.

She had gone to sleep in her big sister's bed this evening. (big sister is on the floor in Raya & big brother's room) I was at the library studying until about 9 and I totally expected her to be on the couch when I got home since she's been waking up at 8:30 coughing & feeling yucky. She did start coughing a lot at about 10:30 and stumbled into my office about half an hour later and asked to watch Monk on Netflix and lay on the couch. I ♥ her. :) Who could resist that? I think it's the little ponytails with twisty braids and the leggings that push me over the edge. She is just plain irresistable. Right now she's sitting on the couch patiently waiting for me to turn on an episode of Monk, and while she's waiting, she's sniffing so hard that she snorts because she prefers to sniff the snot back in rather than wipe her nose. Even that is adorable. Sad, but adorable. And we probably won't get much sleep again tonight, but she's still adorable and we don't have to get up early for school tomorrow so I don't care.

(although I will admit that even though the library isn't exactly quiet, it was FABULOUS being able to sit for 3 hours and study with no interruptions...I'm still not caught up but I'm getting there and I only lost 6 points on my paper that I wrote last week when I was completely miserably sick with a sinus infection. I guess I'm not off to as bad of a start in this class as I thought.)

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  1. that's so cool that she likes monk! That's my fave show ever! haha! Get better soon Raya!


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