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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A few old pictures

Yesterday morning I was waiting for my tax software to download and while I waited, I watched a few videos from when Raya was a baby. {acknowledging that my baby isn't a baby anymore...ouch} She was so darn cute! Of course there are some things that I certainly don't miss about that stage of her life, but good gracious I miss that little baby! Now I realize that most people don't make videos of their baby crying, but considering how much she cried and how miserable she was as often as she was, I was surprised that most of the videos are of her smiling and as happy as can be. Like this one:

Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of stink eyes too.

But I loved the stink eyes. :) It just meant she was being tough and protesting all the crap she was being subjected to. I was having a lovely time watching videos of her and looking at pictures and then suddenly realized that my 10:00 alarm hadn't gone off and it was 10:17. She gets out of preschool at 10:15. I was late picking her up because I was reliving her infancy by watching videos on the computer. Comical, really. It was fun looking at everything though. Here are a few of my favorites that I came across. Girlfriend had some great facial expressions.
Back before she was anti-pacifier

Don't mind me, I just disconnected the pulse ox so I could chew on it.

Let me out!

 And here are a couple of recent fun ones. I came home from the grocery store last night and she was passed out like this:
 I know it looks like she could slide off any second but she was actually wedged in there pretty good so I had time to take a picture and put everything down before I moved her. Donny had tried to move her before but she got upset so he decided not to rock the boat.

This is going to be one of my all-time favorite Raya pictures, even if it is a crappy cell phone picture. This is just straight up Raya:
 Surprisingly, the pump was still running. I just LOVE that facial expression. :) Really, I just love everything about her.

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