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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The dancing hands

There is no shortage of entertainment in this house and most of it comes from the two little girls. They are pretty darn funny, even if I am completely biased. They have great imaginations. Kaida's imaginary horse accompanied us to the grocery store last week and was kind enough to not poop on the carpet while we were gone. (because she was able to morph herself home while we drove in the car so she got there before we did.) Here is Kaida with her imaginary horse, Blue Streak, who eats salad, carrots, gummy bears, and oatmeal, and is not allergic to Wheat Thins but IS allergic to rice like Raya:

And here's one of Raya's dancing hands petting Blue Streak while we were grocery shopping:

I totally played along with them. (hence the picture of Kaida with her arms around Blue Streak's neck.) Hours of entertainment and it doesn't cost me a penny. It was a good grocery store distraction for both of them. Then Raya's dancing hands got in trouble for smashing the bread. And what exactly are "dancing hands," you ask? I introduced them briefly a couple weeks ago when they performed during the entire feeding therapy session. They were very helpful in lifting Raya's fork to her mouth so she could eat her pancake.

Her hands do all kinds of things but it seems like one of them is always falling (or jumping) off of cliffs and needing to be rescued by the other one. We can always tell she's playing "dancing hands" when we hear her say, "Don't worry, I caught-cha!" Words really don't do justice to the dancing hands. You kind of just have to see them in action. I've been fortunate enough to catch some video. This was while I was cooking dinner a couple weeks ago. Her hands were climbing on the hinge of the pantry door and falling off and rescuing each other. (please excuse the sounds of a child emptying the dishwasher in the background. that's a beautiful sound, by the way.)

Here's more from that night:

Here's one from Christmas day when her nose was all stuffy and she didn't feel good:

Then there are the times when she "helps" me with my homework. This video is from last night while I was prepping for a lab practical with Raya on my lap:

That time, one of her hands was named Princess Sella (and was wearing an imaginary pink dress) and I can't remember the name of the other hand. So there you have it. Raya's favorite toys as well as her latest and greatest method of distracting herself from whatever it is she's supposed to be doing. I love it. :)

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