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Friday, January 25, 2013

It smells like stomach in here.

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog post entitled Things I Hope the Neighbors Don't Overhear While the Windows are Open. We're rapidly approaching open window season yet again (woo hoo!) and I shudder to think what we'll be adding to that list. If someone had happened to pass by our windows yesterday, they would have heard things like:
Mommy! Raya's stomach is leaking!
Mommy, I just stepped in Raya's stomach goo.
Look, Mommy, there's green stuff in my tube!
Mommy, can you clean the formula out of my toes?

And then later:
Mommy, it smells like stomach in here. Did Raya puke or did her stomach just leak?

Thankfully, it was rainy all day so the windows were closed. Although open windows would have helped get rid of the stomach smell. And the answer to that question is that her stomach leaked. A lot. All over the place.
The extension tube came unclamped. She insisted that, "It did it itself," but I'm not sure that I buy that story. If only this picture could do justice to the magnitude of this stomach leakage. You can see a little bit of it on her pants. What you can't see is that it's all over the back of her pants and her feet, which left sticky little stomach goo footprints on the tile. You also can't see the drips of stomach goo on the tile, the living room rug, the living room carpet, the hallway by the bathroom, or the floor by the kitchen. If it had been visible to the naked eye, I would have taken a picture. I also wouldn't have stepped in so much of it or knelt on it while I was scrubbing what I could see off of the floors. So yes, our whole house smelled like stomach. (vanilla Peptamen with a hint of partially digested Tostitos and bile) While I scrubbed, I decided that I need to buy Raya some blue corn chips so that I'll be able to tell the difference between formula and chip when I'm analyzing her stomach contents. That way I'll have a better idea how fast (or slow) her stomach is emptying solid foods. And while we're on the subject, no, I never imagined that I'd be A. analyzing my kid's stomach contents, B. completely fascinated by analyzing my kid's stomach contents, and C. thrilled to have the ability to prevent vomits by rapidly emptying said stomach of said stomach contents for analysis. That was sure as heck never in any of those parenting books I skimmed through.


  1. How do you "rapidly empty stomach" to prevent puke? I haven't figured that one out yet. I'm lucky if I can turn off the pump and aim his head before it starts spewing.

  2. The one blessing of the tube is if kiddo starts retching, I hook her up and then drain into something other than the couch! Ugh.

    For the record, I think blue chips are a great idea.


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