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Friday, January 4, 2013

Granulation tissue update

In case you missed it, Raya had scar tissue removed from her G tube stoma exactly 1 month ago. Then she started getting new granulation tissue (see here and here). I was a little nervous that the aftermath of removing the scar tissue was going to be more problematic than the original scar tissue had been. Fortunately, 1 month later, things are looking MUCH better:

What's there now is no longer proliferating granulation tissue, but rather nice, healed scar tissue. I don't know if the inside edge is completely healed yet because it's been looking good so I haven't dared to mess with it because I don't want to make it worse. Thank goodness it's healing nicely now!

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  1. Your posts about granulation tissue are helpful. I will be trying some of your suggestions. Thanks for posting :)
    raya is so cute and seems very happy:)


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