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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not a creature was stirring...

...except Raya. She fell asleep on the floor while we watched Home Alone. This would be adorable except she only sleeps like that when she doesn't feel good. Tonight her stomach hurts, inside and out. She has another round of granulation tissue coming on so her stoma is sore. I plugged in a Farrell bag to drain her stomach because she was in obvious pain and I didn't want her to throw up. Once again, there shouldn't have been anything there other than maybe a little extra mucus, but formula came out too. :/ I'm hoping that things will get better so she doesn't have to miss the family Christmas party. Ashtyn sounds pretty cruddy too. I'll be sad if Raya doesn't get to decorate cookies. I made her some everything-free cookies so she can share them with Santa. :)

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