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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Tomorrow is big brother's birthday, so tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate. He chose Mexican food, so we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. They always bring out bowls of chips, bean dip, and salsa while you wait for your food. Corn tortilla chips are one of Raya's favorites, so she was excited when they brought everything to the table. I gave her a plate and she said, ”I want fwee chee-YIPS!” while holding up 8 fingers. Then she grabbed herself a bowl of salsa to dip her chee-YIPS in. This is her saying, ”I LIKE chee-YIPS!” For as incoherent and off in la la land as she was yesterday, she was absolutely delightful at the restaurant. She and I have had some fun and funny conversations today. She hasn't been quite as moody today either and got to spend some time outside this afternoon. She seems to be past the worst of her cold. I'm sure she'll get healthy just in time to go back to school and catch something else. This evening when the movie they all watched after dinner was over, she came and found me and said, ”Mommy, I jee-yust want YOU to put me in my bed.” So I picked her up and snuggled her like a baby and we talked mushy talk to each other all the way to her room. I put her in bed and connected her formula & Farrell bag. Then she wanted to tell me about the movie they watched. None of what she said made any sense to me (I guess you had to be there) and her speech was getting softer because she was tired, but I knelt by her bed and pretended I knew what she was talking about. She was so happy, and that made me happy too.

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  1. You are a saint. You are so blessed to have each other. I love reading your blog.


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