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Monday, December 3, 2012

Best day in a LONG time

I feel like I complain a lot so I thought I'd document what a great day Raya had today. To add to my mounting pile of mommy guilt about subjecting my sweet girl to an unpleasant surgical procedure tomorrow, she had the BEST day she's had in a very, very long time today. From the time she woke up this morning until I put her in bed, she was nothing but cute, sweet, charming, and delightful. She took a nap with no problems. It still seemed to take her a long time to go to sleep, like 30-45 minutes, but she had a nice nap and woke up happy. She even talked about being happy randomly all day long. When Donny got home from work, she ran outside to meet him and excitedly started jabbering at him about how she was happy. It was the kind of thing that made you cock your head and look at her funny while wondering if she was okay.

The only fits she had today were when Cole carried her backpack to the car for her and she didn't want him to, and her little mini-meltdown because I wouldn't give her ice or hold her Grinch while I was in the middle of cooking dinner. Oh, and when I changed her diaper because I didn't "say a nice please" when I asked her to hand me the diaper. Stinker. Other than that, she was absolutely wonderful today. Right now, I'm choosing to ignore the fact that the reason she was so delightful and feeling so good is most likely because I slowed her feed rate down to 2 hours instead of 1 hour and just focus on what a nice day we had. If this is how she's always going to be on 2 hour feeds, then forget trying to get her to a "normal" feed rate, screw the oral feeds, forget food altogether, just give me this sweet wonderful child all day every day and I'll deal with having her back on the pump most of the day.
In other news, I was rather impressed this evening that the anesthesiologist that will be working on Raya tomorrow called me this evening to go over medical history and ask me questions about her. Usually they just come in and talk to me in pre-op right before she goes in but this was nice because I was sitting at home feeling relaxed instead of at the hospital keeping her entertained. I was also able to request meds to keep her from waking up like an angry wild animal like she usually does and he said they'll be ready. I also found out today that the two procedures aren't scheduled at the same time. The surgeon will do his first and then the GI is scheduled to start half an hour later. Should be interesting. Not looking forward to tomorrow but today was a really good day.

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