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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alternative uses for medical tape: Holiday Edition

Medical tape is the best thing ever. I've shared some of our favorite alternative uses for medical tape before, like repairing broken flip flops, making knuckle wraps for boxing, kids taping notes to each other's bedroom doors that say things like "You are NOT allowed in my room!", mailing packages when there was no packing tape in the house, labeling plastic tubs when there's no masking tape, and other fun things like that. Today while we decorated our house for Christmas, (aka Christmas vomited all over my kitchen & living room) I came up with another wonderful non-medical use for one of the kinds of medical tape that I never use.

Several years ago, I had gotten a very cute cowboy snowman. (It's Arizona, you can't escape stuff like that.) I LOVED him. I think it was the candy cane in the holster around his waist that won me over. And possibly the star-topped cactus. He was one of my absolute favorite Christmas decorations. Unfortunately the kids loved him too. My sweet little Kaida thought he was her dance partner since they were about the same size.
Kaida, 15 mos old, 2008
(Yes, we make tiny girls who can't gain weight.) One day, she (and maybe the other kids too) somehow managed to snap him right in half. I was SO sad! I couldn't bring myself to throw him away though so I packed him up in the boxes of decorations and he's been there for about the last 4 years. Today, I had a perfect place to put him so I decided to fix him with a little help from the same kids who broke him. :)

Here he is before:

Here we are lashing him together with 1" wide Medipore (I never ask for 1" Medipore, I ask for 2" Hypafix but sometimes they don't listen. Lots of times, actually.)

And here he is, all put back together.
Yay for medical tape! I'm so happy! :)

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  1. This is very cute. I use medical tape all the time especially for knuckle wrappings. Boxing is a huge hobby of mine which is very therapeutic. It allows me to release all of the stress from a long day of work. I particularly like to use Omnifix adhesive tape which works well for my sensitive skin.


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