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Monday, November 19, 2012

Surgery postponed...unhappy momma

Back in September after our ugly accidental tube removal & multiple failed replacement attempt incident (more about the incident & frustrating phone calls that followed here and here), I decided it was time for Raya's big puffy scar tissue to be removed. Her GI and I had been talking about it for a year or so, but it didn't seem necessary until we had a problem. Here's how it looked in September:
Big puffy scar tissue. We had the surgery consult in September & scheduled it for November 19th, aka today. November 1st, the GI doctor and I decided that it would be better to move it from the outpatient surgery center to the main hospital so she could do an EGD (endoscopy) at the same time, so the GI scheduler was going to work on getting things coordinated with the surgeon's office to move the surgery to Tuesday the 20th, aka tomorrow.
Long, irritating story short, I'm not even sure to be mad at but somebody didn't do their job, everybody's passing the buck, and Raya won't be having surgery tomorrow. They have no idea when it will be happening. I was told that someone would call me when they get things figured out. I've heard that line before though so I'm not holding my breath. It just makes me angry thinking about it though. It shouldn't be this difficult for people from 2 different doctors' offices but within the same hospital to communicate with each other.
Not that I was thrilled about her having surgery 2 days before Thanksgiving, but it needs to be done and our calendar is only going to fill up more in the coming weeks. I just want to get it over with. It might be a "simple" outpatient procedure, but nothing about handing your kid over for surgery is EVER simple. This stuff is never simple for her either. The bottom line is that they had almost 3 weeks to coordinate their schedules and they dropped the ball. All the schedulers want to do is blame each other. Very very frustrating when you can't get people to do what they're supposed to be doing so your child can get what they need.

Just so I don't end on a sour note, I'm happy to report that Raya has once again eaten almost a whole 4 ounce container of applesauce. She's ready to eat when she gets home from preschool, and Kaida usually is too so they had lunch together today. Raya has decided that she might actually like applesauce, which is VERY exciting for me because she doesn't really eat any fruits or vegetables regularly. She won't really even eat much potato now, she just eats the butter. So thankful I have these sweet girls to remind me of all that is happy and positive in life!

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