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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Something fun

I feel like everything I've posted lately has been negative. I suppose a lot of what we've had going on has been less than positive, (like how Raya's medicine is STILL not here even though it was promised to me by last Friday or this Monday at the latest...) but we really do have fun sometimes and Raya is a sweet and delightful child. :)

Yesterday Raya's Aunt Holly got married. We waited for them in the bright sunlight & 89 degree weather outside of the temple. The kids were bored to tears but they were good. :)
I'm not sure where Ashtyn's other leg disappeared to. My sister-in-law must have snapped her picture at the same time as I did because Ashtyn was missing a leg in her picture too. :)

We didn't stay there long because once they came out, it was time to get ready for the reception. Obviously my kids were nowhere near ready since I had grabbed them from school & rushed over. I felt SO bad when we got home because Raya was having some issues. in a sensitive area. due to accidental ingestion of food she's allergic to. Well, she didn't ingest it on accident, she totally meant to. I just accidentally didn't catch her in time & prevent it from happening. I don't even know what she ate but whatever it was hit her hard. Thankfully she was feeling better by the time we left for the reception. I found out the hard way that Raya does not do tights with feet. The whole time I was putting them on her, she was telling me no and begging me to take them off. I made her wear them while I did her hair, thinking that maybe if she had them on for a few minutes she'd get used to them and leave them on. Instead, she sat there the whole time tugging at her toes and yelling, "I want these tights off!" As soon as I finished her hair and put her down, she ran out of the room and then came back with no tights on. I don't even know what happened to them. :)

The reception was really nice and the kids had the time of their lives out on the dance floor. :) Well, first Raya spent about 10 minutes lusting after the delicious pieces of wedding cake that were taunting her. She just stood and stared it. Every now and then she'd pick up her hand and reach out like she was going to touch it, and then put her hand back down. She'd look over at me and pop out the pouty lip. The big kids would try to pat her back and talk to her and she'd brush them off and frown. It was pitiful and made me sad for her.

She was really whiny the first 20-ish minutes that we were there and I finally realized it was because her shoes were bothering her. Someone is going to have to get used to wearing something other than flip flops! Once she got rid of the shoes, she saw that the big kids were all dancing so she forgot about the cake and her sore feet and joined them. She had the time of her life! We had a talk about being a big girl and leaving her backpack on and she did a great job with it. She never even asked me to take it off for her. I was proud of her and it gave me hope that she'll wear it to school without making a fuss.

Uncle Adam is a really good sport and spent a lot of time dancing with all of his new nieces. :) They loved it!

Raya and Kaida with one of their cousins. It was fun getting all the little girls dressed up. :)

Raya and Aunt Holly

The kids lasted a lot longer than I expected. They danced for a solid 2 hours and I could tell they were exhausted. We got home at 9, which is 2 hours later than they usually go to bed. Raya was out cold before we left the neighborhood where the reception was so I just plopped her on the couch when we got home. It was a shame that she needed a clean diaper or I would have left her there all night. :)
It was a fun evening!

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