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Thursday, November 29, 2012

reflux and feed intolerance. blech.

Last night I decided to vent Raya's stomach before her dinnertime feed. Since it had been 4 hours since the end of her last feed and she hadn't eaten anything but 2 or 3 ice cubes, I expected it to be empty. Nope. 3 ounces of junk. Mostly partially digested formula and a little bit of water. She had nothing to eat yesterday by mouth other than ice, so it wasn't solid food. 3 ounces is a lot to have in a stomach 4 HOURS after the end of a feed, especially since everything she gets is liquid. The crappy thing is that there's really not much we can do other than slow down her feed rate more (which stinks) and use farrell bags to vent her during feeds, which stinks more. Then there's the part about not really knowing why things keep slowing down. That stinks too. Maybe (probably not but maybe) we'll be able to see something helpful during her endoscopy next week.

The increase in reflux has led to some interesting conversations lately. I hear a lot of sounds come from her that I'm pretty sure are the sound of her refluxing and then swallowing it. Sometimes her eyes water, and that makes me cringe because that can mean aspiration. Anyway, this afternoon she was laying on the couch while she was tethered to the IV pole and I heard a big reflux swallow and her eyes watered a little. Here's the conversation that followed:

Me: Raya, did you get puke in your throat?
Raya: No.
Me: Did you have formula in your throat?
Raya: No, it was just puke.
Me: Did you get puke in your mouth?
Raya: No, it was just formula.

Me: You got formula in your mouth?
Raya: Yeah. Formula puke.
Me: Did you swallow it?
Raya: No.
Me: Did you make it go back in your stomach?
Raya: Yeah.
Me: Um, that's called swallowing.
Raya: *confused look followed by hysterical laughter*

I do appreciate the fact that she's verbal and is getting better at communicating things with me, but oh my goodness it's like pulling teeth sometimes!

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