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Friday, November 30, 2012

Mixing textures and DGE

Good news: Raya ate really well at feeding therapy today. Apparently black beans and applesauce are a tasty combo. (blech) The reason this is so exciting is because for Raya, eating applesauce is huge due to her aversion to its texture, but what's even better is that she mixed the applesauce texture with the whole bean texture. A lot of kids with oral sensory issues and oral aversions have difficulty mixing foods of two different texture together. As gross as it was to sit and watch her eat black beans smothered in applesauce, I was very proud of her. Especially when she would make her yuck face and then kind of gag the beans forward in her mouth to keep from REALLY gagging. That showed a lot of self awareness. She still struggles to drink water without coughing but she really did have a great therapy session.
Bad news: The reason she was willing and able to eat so much at therapy (2T of applesauce and 1-2T of beans) was because just before we let her start eating, I drained her stomach. It had been 3 hours since her last feed (which I used a farrell bag with to allow her stomach to be vented while she got fed) but I still got this much out of her stomach:
It's about 145ml (almost 5 ounces) out of the 250ml (8.33 oz) that she'd been fed 3 hours prior. Definitely way too much. I hope we're not headed back to long continuous feeds but I'm not holding my breath.

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