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Monday, October 8, 2012

Super Mommy-1, Food Allergies-0

That's right. Score one for Team Super Mommy. I showed that possible wheat & rice allergy who's boss around here and made Raya some wheat-free, rice-free pancakes for dinner. Booyah!

She (we all) had a long day today. The big kids are out of school all week for fall break so they accompanied us to OT today. This was the first appointment in her 20 months of occupational therapy (or any therapy) that she's gone back all by herself. I usually at least walk her back while the therapist and I chat & catch up on the week but today I just sent her off with her OT. We've tried it before and it resulted in meltdowns and leg clinging but today I was sitting down in a chair and I don't think she realized I wasn't following her when she went through the door. :) By all accounts, she had a good session today.

After that, we went grocery shopping. (cue ominous music) It was unpleasant. 4 kids walking through a giant, brand new and very crowded grocery store at 1pm on a Monday is a recipe for disaster. On the bright side, I've been waiting for 11 long years for this state to get one of those stores and it finally happened! Now we can get wonderful things like tapioca flour and buckwheat flour in the bulk foods section. It's a beautiful thing.

After the pancake incident on Saturday, I really wanted to find a wheat- and rice-free pancake recipe and I'd heard that buckwheat was a good ingredient to use for that. I got some buckwheat flour and tapioca flour and googled a recipe that sounded really similar to a typical pancake recipe and got my gluten free on. I had to make a few modifications but I whipped up a batch of buckwheat-tapioca pancakes that tasted good enough that everybody else was jealous that Raya was eating them for dinner and they were stuck with leftover spaghetti. I ate 4 of them while I was cooking.
They definitely don't taste like regular pancakes but the taste isn't overpowering and the texture is almost exactly like regular pancakes. The proof is in the pudding though, and the pudding's name is Raya.
She ate 2 whole pancakes plus a couple bites of a third pancake. While I was making them, she was whining that she wanted "marsh-a-mellows" and hanging all over me. (no nap today, btw) I said, "Raya, do you want to eat pancakes for dinner?" Her face lit up and she got all excited and said, "I eat pancakes? I want pancakes!" She couldn't wait to take a bite (I couldn't either) so I broke off a piece and blew on it to cool it off and then we both ate a little bit of it. I liked it. She moved it around in her mouth a little bit and then said, "I wite it! I want more pancake!" Those words were music to my ears. :)

By the time I did the video, she was pretty much done eating but it was still exciting to see her that happy about food. Now that we've conquered pancakes, we'll branch out to other things. In case anybody else needs a gluten-free/wheat-free, rice-free, dairy-free pancake recipe, here it is:

Buckwheat Pancakes
3/4C buckwheat flour
1/4C tapioca flour
2T sugar
1/4C flaxseed meal
pinch of salt
1 egg (or equivalent egg replacer)
1C coconut milk
2T corn oil (or any vegetable oil)

Preheat pan to medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Mix dry ingredients with wire whisk breaking up any lumps (especially the tapioca flour). Add in beaten egg/egg replacer, coconut milk and oil. Mix until well blended. Pour approx. 1/4 batter into hot pan. Cook until bubbles break on the surface, flip and cook until done (about another minute).

Next time, I'll add cinnamon and vanilla like we normally do when we have pancakes. I might also change the ratio of buckwheat to tapioca flour next time and see how that turns out.

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  1. Mmm, I might try that recipe. She seems so much older than when I saw her last year!


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