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Thursday, October 11, 2012

"I nee hudds"

"I nee hudds." This is what Raya has been saying pretty much every 10 minutes all day every day this week. I don't know why she's doing it and I'm sure if it was any other kid, I wouldn't think twice about it. Every 10 minutes or so, she'll stop what she's doing and find somebody to hug. If one of the big kids is around, she'll hug them. Even THEY have commented about how strange her behavior has been. :) They're not those little one arm patting hugs either, they're tight squeezes and she expects to be squeezed hard too. There's been a fair amount if crying this week too.
The need to be squeezed isn't the only thing that's off with her this week. She's having a bad sensory week altogether this week. Today, she was leaving off the second half of any words that were used in sequence and all of her letter sounds were really soft and slurred. I could hardly understand anything she said unless she was completely happy and concentrating on what she was saying. She's been falling down more this week, running into things, her balance has been a little off, and she's not eating as much ice as she usually does. Her teeth are probably thankful for the break. :) She's been a little sleepy too so I hope it's not a sign that she's getting sick or anything but so far, it seems to be just an off week for her sensory-wise. She had to come with me to my GI appointment this week (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, mommy has GERD too :) and slept for the first half of it. She was still really sleepy when she woke up so she tried to curl up on a chair.
She didn't love being there but she was really good. Except that she kept pulling medical supplies out of my purse. The best part was when I looked over at her squeezing a little foil packet of surgi-lube and said, "Raya, stop squeezing the surgical lubricant and put it back in Mommy's purse!" And the doctor looked up from my chart, turned to look at me, raised his eyebrows and said, "Hmmm..lubricant in the purse eh?" Awkward... So I quickly explained that it was for G tube emergencies and I'm sure my face turned several shades of red. Moving on... I gave her more of the Raya-friendly buckwheat pancakes yesterday.

She was pleased as punch and ate 2 pancakes again! Aaaaaaaand then she licked her plate to get the last drops of syrup &a little powdered sugar.

The big kids are off school this week so we've been trying to get out and have fun. We've had 2 park days (which is about all the fun Mommy can stand. :) We played at the park this morning and then went to OT. After that we played at a friend's house most of the afternoon. She had thrown a huge for when I tried to connect her to her feed in the car so I had her lay on the couch after we got home so I could feed her. I think she was zonked before the Backyardigans finished singing their theme song. :)

In other news, the nurse called me yesterday to let me know that Raya's last labs were showing a vitamin D deficiency. I haven't gotten copies of the lab reports yet so I don't know exactly how far off she is from where she's supposed to be. We started her on a supplement for it so hopefully that will get her levels back up. I find it humorous that we live in the place where the sun shines 300+ days a year and she's lacking vitamin D. Ironies of life, I guess.

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