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Monday, September 10, 2012

SUCH a Monday

Alternative use for cases of formula & Pedialyte:

Soaking up apple juice (that nobody asked if they could have) out of the rug (in the living room where food & liquids are off limits). To make things even more fun, I discovered when I got the carpet shampooer out of the garage that the last time it got used, the yucky water got left in it. I won't even say what it smelled like. I'm pretty sure it was me that left it. I think it was the last time someone (not me) unhooked Raya without turning off the pump and fed 8oz of vanilla flavored Peptamen to the backpack and carpet. Ironically, that was the original reason I was going to get it out today. There was another formula mishap on Saturday and the whole room has a yucky vanilla-ish smell. And we're moving in 2 weeks and 4 days. And the house is supposed to be ready for people to look at. Eek. Yeah, today is such a Monday.

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