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Sunday, September 16, 2012


We are still on our "sugar powder" kick. If it in any way, shape or form resembles sugar, Raya will eat it. Even if it's flour or berry flavored protein+creatine powder (what she's eating in the picture). I always thought that when she finally started eating I'd be so excited that I wouldn't care what she ate but I didn't realize she would be drawn to bizarre things like powders and Crisco. I guess beggers can't be choosy.
Honestly, I'm surprised that she likes the texture of powdered sugar because it's so light and has very little sensory input. Typically she can't stand things that don't have during sensory input. I wasn't surprised that she ate lemonade mix because it's gritty and has a strong flavor, but I don't get why she likes the fine powders. I suppose that nutritionally, protein powder is a little better for her than lemonade mix or sugar, but it scares me a bit because she doesn't care what the powder is. If she thinks something might be edible, she'll try it unless it's something she knows is food that somebody wants her to eat. Most kids can readily discern between good tastes and harmful or non-food tastes but Raya doesn't always get it. I just keep telling myself that this is another phase of oral sensory exploration and she'll get tired of it at some point and move on to something else. Hopefully the next thing will be something more normal and food-like. :)

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