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Friday, September 21, 2012


I hate moving. In a lot of ways, moving a long distance is much easier than moving across town, which is what we're doing next week. We've done both and although both were stressful, everyday life doesn't pause while you pick up and move a few miles. I feel like today has been the calm before the storm. It was the first day this week that we didn't have some kind of appointment or somewhere that we had to be other than taking the kids to school. Next week is going to be downright insane. We have 3 appointments, one of which is a huge deal, one will take an hour of driving both ways and be at the clinic I hate the most, and the other will determine whether or not we have to make some big changes with food. Donny will be working late into the evening until moving day and somewhere in there, I have to remember to feed everybody. We're really excited about the move, just not excited to do it. I really hope she'll start taking naps again when we move because she hasn't had one the whole week and I REEEEEEALLLLY miss her taking naps.
Last night I woke up to the sounds of the IV pole clanking against things as Raya tried to escape from the bedroom. I got up and asked her what she was doing and she started crying and said, "You need to unplug me!" meaning that she wanted me to disconnect her from the feeding pump so she wasn't tethered to the IV pole. Donny put her back in bed but a little while later, I woke up again when she flung her 2 fleece blankets onto my pillow and bounced into bed with us. I never thought that would happen. She's not generally a snuggler. She still wasn't though. If I touched her, she got mad. It's an unspoken rule with her that physical contact is on her terms or not at all. She's a restless sleeper and it was NOT a restful night for any of us but I didn't want to put her back in bed because I didn't want her waking everybody else up screaming.
Speaking of screaming and moving, I don't think the rest of the neighborhood will miss us when we go if for no other reason than the animalistic screams that come out of Raya when I'm buckling her into her carseat against her will. Today she hit pitches I've never heard her hit before and kicked my seat halfway to school to pick the kids up. Kaida plugged her ears the whole time we were driving. It was bad. If we'd been in a parking lot somewhere, passers by would have thought I was trying to abduct her with the way she was kicking and screaming and trying to get away from me. And it was all over the fact that I wouldn't let her bring Legos in the car. Whenever it's time to go somewhere or for her to go to bed, she suddenly HAS to find the perfect toys to bring with her and if we don't let her take her time and do what she wants, she throws a fit. (she throws a lot of fits because children don't rule this house :) She wanted to bring Legos and I didn't let her for 2 reasons: 1. that would have put her in control, and 2. she would have had them in her mouth the whole time because lately, everything small goes in her mouth.
Everything is a power struggle with her these days. And yes, that's fairly typical of a child her age but she is not my first almost 3 year old and she takes it to a whole new level. This morning she wanted something to eat so Donny offered her a Nutrigrain bar. He reminded her to say "please" and then held her food for her for the next 10 minutes while she refused to make eye contact with him. Finally she said it. He handed it to her and asked her again, "What do you say?" but she wouldn't say "thank you" either. He couldn't back down at that point or she would have gotten her way, so it turned into a standoff that eventually resulted in Raya going to bed but not going to sleep. I really hope she starts napping again once we move.

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