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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Nestle'

Dear Nestle',

For the love of Pete (that's Raya's nickname, by the way), PLEASE get rid of these awful "tetra pak" cartons and change the formulation back to the way it was before you ditched the cans. I'm tired of spilling formula everywhere when I try ever-so-carefully to pour it into the 1.5 inch wide opening on the feeding pump bags and Raya is tired of being constipated. And don't bother trying to tell me that the formula is the same and the packaging is better. The poop changed when the packaging changed, she's not the only kid that's having this problem and I'm not the only parent who hates the cartons.

The mom.


  1. I thought the constipation issue was just us! Zach (23 months) has had that problem since they switched the container as well, but he hadnt been on the formula very long, so I thought it was the formula. Also, we've noticed less spilling since we started peeling the whole sticker off instead of puncturing a hole, if that helps.

  2. yep!! my francis had the same issue with the constipation. it was terrible and we didnt know why until i saw a post on facebook! ALSO. my husband has discovered how to pour the formula out without it ending up everywhere..when you have it in your hand, ready to pour, tilt it to where it pours out of the SIDE. it will smoothly pour out like anything! i miss the old cans though :( i hate these stupid things.

  3. I hate the cartons too. They always spill because I can't get the sticker off just right.
    We thought the constipation was just our son. We use a mix of peptamen jr and peptamen jr with fiber to combat it. The fiber comes in pop top cans instead of cartons and I almost never spill those.


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