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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rethinking the Prilosec reduction

I've decided that maybe cutting the Prilosec in half was a bad idea. Or perhaps accidentally missing the morning dose when she's no longer getting a night dose was a bad idea. Then there was the salsa she ate for dinner last night... Whatever the cause, she had a lousy night last night. She woke up screaming for me at 11:45. When I went to her bed, her eyes were still closed but she was rolling around and making a yuck face while swallowing repeatedly. Reflux. Then she'd cry a little and roll around some more and I could tell she really didn't feel good. I was actually afraid she was going to throw up so I got her up and brought her and her blanket to the couch with me.

Poor kid did not feel good. I vented her stomach to see if she had any air bubbles that were bothering her but nothing came out so I gave her a dose of Prilosec (probably too little too late) and a little drink of water to wash down the "mouth puke" that she kept telling me about. I tried to keep her propped to a 30 degree angle but she's much too squirmy and kept sliding down. A couple times per minute, she would make a yuck face and be swallowing whatever was coming up. I got ready for puke but luckily it never came. I really wanted to put her back in bed so I could go to bed too but I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to throw up first. Of course she wanted to watch Backyardigans and I was sleepy so I let her. We snuggled on the couch and I went to sleep while she watched Backyardigans. She woke me up when it was over so I could turn on the next episode. I really don't know how many she watched but finally sometime after 2:00, I woke up and she was playing with a box of medical supplies. She seemed to be feeling better then so we both went back to bed.

I was SOOOOOOO tired when the alarm went off this morning. I'm not used to sleep deprivation anymore. After she climbed out of bed, I got up and started getting ready for the day. A few minutes later I went into the kitchen and she was laying on the floor licking peanut butter off of her hand. Apparently she's forgotten that peanut butter made her throw up a few days ago. This time she had climbed up onto the counter all by herself and retrieved the jar of peanut butter from the cupboard. After we took the big kids to school, I went in my room to use the bathroom (heaven forbid Mommy should go potty during waking hours...) and Kaida came banging on the door saying, "Mommy, Raya got into the sugar!" I thought, no way, she couldn't have gotten into the sugar, it's on the top shelf of the pantry. *sigh* wrong...
She looked up at me, said, "Yummy sugar!" and licked her hand. It was powdered sugar, by the way. It wasn't on the top shelf of the pantry, it was on the shelf below that. In the 5-ish minutes that I was out of the room, she pushed a chair all the way across the kitchen and into the pantry, climbed up on the chair, got the container of powdered sugar off of the second from the top shelf, took it in the living room, and helped herself. To her credit, she was trying to clean up the floor with a baby wipe with one hand while she licked sugar off the other.

The day didn't really get much better after that. I put her in bed for a nap but she never went to sleep. Then she pooped. That always puts an end to any chance of a nap. By 4:00, she was a weepy, clingy mess. I tried to vent her stomach around 5 (4 hours after her last feed) and got a pretty good amount of formula with a pinkish tint to it. Not sure what that was from, but it seemed like too much formula for 4 hours after a feed. By 6:00, she was in full-on meltdown mode.
I let her lay there for a few minutes and waited to see if she'd pull herself out of it but she was just too tired. I took her in my room where it was pretty dark and turned on some relaxing music on Pandora. We snuggled on my bed for a while until we both dozed off. She's been fussing in her bed off & on for the last 30 minutes so I hope we don't have a repeat performance. Mommy needs some sleep!

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