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Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy 2nd Tubiversary, Raya!

Two years ago today, we said goodbye to this "tubie-tube":

And this perfect {on the outside} but poorly functioning on the inside tummy:

So I didn't have to do this anymore:

Or clean up messes that came out of a leaky tube that wouldn't stay closed anymore:

Or deal with these poor little sore cheeks anymore:

Or worry about her turning a 36" NG tube into a 72" NG tube:

For a while, we wondered if we had made a mistake since we found ourselves dealing with a poorly fitting tube that leaked profusely:

And that awful granulation tissue:
It looks horrible, doesn't it? It was. 2010's horrid granulation tissue=2012's giant scar tissue.

And the Bard button. Oh, how I hated the Bard button. (Sorry, Bard, but it's true.) Maybe if it had been the right size... Keeping the extension tube plugged in to an 8 month old 22+ hours a day with no locking mechanism required a ridiculous amount of tape and still resulted in a lot of leakage. And sore skin.

So yes, at first we questioned if we had done the right thing. At the same time though, we KNEW we had done the right thing, she just needed to heal from her surgery. Once she had healed, we never looked back.

Slowly but surely, things have gotten better:

And now here we are 2 years later:
It's hard to believe it's been two whole years since I high fived her for pulling/gagging/coughing her NG tube out for the last time and handed her over to her surgeon & GI doctor to get her belly pierced. It was a tough choice to make but we have never regretted it. One of these years, we will be celebrating her tube removal-iversary. :)


  1. Cute pics and post! Esp the one of her in the purple shirt. Nice editing.

  2. Photo number two hits home. One of the crazy things I'm worried about with my son's upcoming g-tube surgery is scarring his perfect belly. I know everything will be okay and this tiny little second belly button will probably not be his last scar but still...


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