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Monday, August 13, 2012

Big brother's turn

Raya's tube got pulled out this afternoon while I was upstairs. I heard Kaida yell (because she doesn't say anything urgent without yelling), "Raya! You have to go upstairs and tell Mommy that your tube is out!" No worries, Kaida, pretty sure the while neighborhood knows now. Since Cole was home and I had told him I would teach him how to put the G tube in the next time it came out, I had him wash his hands and get the emergency kit.
Cole hasn't watched as many times as Ashtyn so I was much more hands-on with him than I was with her. I got everything out and showed him what the different syringes were for. I had him pull the water out of the balloon (which I had already washed off), put the stiffener in the G tube, put lubricant on the stem of the G tube & on her stoma, and then had him put the tube in. Raya was in kind of a silly mood and happened to also have a poopy diaper at the moment. When Cole started to move his hand towards her stoma, she yelled, "Ow! Owie! Ow!" She was faking though, he wasn't even touching her yet.

He got it in easy as pie though. I showed him the little trick about not letting the water out of the ballon while you're pulling the syringe out of the balloon port and we were all done. I'm not sure if he could remember all the steps to put it back in by himself but he could definitely walk an adult through the process if he had to. Sure do love and appreciate my big kids!

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