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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A little end-of-summer fun

I find it ironic that summer break ends earlier in the state where the summer weather lasts the longest. The big kids go back to school on Monday so we decided to have a little fun with some friends before summer break is officially over. They have a fun inflatable waterslide in their back yard and all the kids had a blast playing on it. Raya is getting big enough to play with the big kids and of course, she thinks she IS one of the big kids. :)
She couldn't make it all the way up without help from the older kids but her climbing skills are getting scary. Earlier this afternoon she decided there was something in the cupboard that she wanted. I stood and watched as she grabbed a hold of the countertop and used her sweaty, sticky little feet (she's ALWAYS sweaty) to walk herself up to the point where she could fling a leg over the side and get onto the counter. I couldn't believe she did it. (she can do that but she can't lead with her left leg to go up the stairs...) She has no sense of danger and a little too much determination so now that she knows she can climb onto the counter, I don't know how we're going to keep her off of it. Scary stuff.
Anyway, she had SO much fun playing in the water. She was the only one that didn't seem to mind how cold it was and would have stayed outside playing in the water all evening if she hadn't known there were Doritos in the house. :)
My friend's baby, Gracie, is 13 months old today and Raya absolutely LOVES her. She calls her "Bwacie" and had lots of fun playing with her in the kiddie pool. Cole loves the little girls too and they thought it was pretty fun to have him come play with them.
Seriously, how cute is that :)
As soon as the bowl of Doritos made its appearance, Raya was all about the chips. "Ah-wah-sipp!" (I want chips!!) So I let her have chips. What the heck, if the girl wants to eat something, let her eat it. After everybody had eaten, the big kids got mini chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Of course Raya wanted one too so Auntie Brooke let her have one. She was one happy girl!! This is what she did when I asked her if she had finished her cookie:
Such a goofball! She loved her cookie though. She asked for another one but I told her no, so she asked for more chips. I told her she needed to use manners so she said, "Fweeeeeeeee?" Saying "please" makes for a nice picture face. :)
It was a fun evening that was interrupted by my unfinished homework that was waiting for me & due by midnight. Blech. Our summer break has FLOWN by. We've had one of the best summers ever though. It's one that our kids won't soon forget because we got to spend so much time with Daddy this summer. He was able to be home with us a lot and it made dealing with all of Raya's appointments & home therapy stuff do-able for me. As much as I absolutely adore her, taking care of her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with all of the things we're supposed to do with her every day really can get exhausting. Factor in 3 more kids (whom I also love dearly) and I'm not sure that we would have survived the summer without him. We're kicking off the school year in classic Raya fashion with the first day of school on Monday and 3 appointments on Tuesday. Should be an exciting week!

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