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Friday, July 6, 2012

She wants out

This is Raya's "I want out" face:

That's how I found her after her nap today. And that face pretty much represents the kind of day she's had. She started off great. She had her PT re-evaluation first thing this morning. She was bouncing off the walls the whole time and ignoring heer therapist because she was too busy spinning herself dizzy and dancing. Bless her little heart. :) She's a funny kid. You have to tell her 20 times to do something but on the time that she actually hears and listens to you, she's smart enough to be able to follow directions. If she feels like it. :)

A funny thing happened this evening. We were making pizzas and breadsticks for dinner and I needed to vent Raya before we hooked her up to her next feed. Right as Donny was pulling one pizza out of the oven and putting the next one in and I was in the middle of venting Raya, the doorbell rang. Since I was closer to the front door, I had to answer it but there were stomach contents running up the tube and into the syringe, so I couldn't clamp it and put it down to answer the door or it would have gone everywhere. My only option was to bring her with me and answer the door. It was a couple of guys Donny knows from work and I can only imagine what they must have been thinking when the door opened and they saw me holding a syringe of cloudy off-white liquid hooked to a tube hooked to my 2 year old. It must not have traumatized them too much because they still came in and talked for a while. :)
She used up all of her energy and spunk for the whole day during her PT session. She's still trying to get over the head cold and the cough that came from the head cold. She hardly ever coughs but when she does, it's awful. She had a bad poopy diaper this evening too. It was either because of the sour cream she ate (shockingly, she still likes it after Tuesday's vomiting episode) or it could be related to the cold but I'm leaning toward the sour cream. I think it might be time to repeat the allergy tests.

She's having a rough night. She woke up at 10:45 and told me her tummy hurt. It's very rare for her to say yes when I ask if her tummy hurts. Either her cold is suddenly worse or she's got allergies acting up because her nose is runny and her eyes are watery. We got some Farrell valve bags so we can try venting her during feeds to see if it helps her tummy. In the mean time, we'll snuggle on the couch with kleenex and a barf bag close by and watch some Cake Boss on Netflix (Raya's request) while I try and figure out how to make her a cooling vest. Girlfriend sweats more than any man I know so I need to figure out something to help her stay cool. When I figure it out, I'll post about it. :)

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