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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lady the Snugglekitty

Meet Lady the Snugglekitty:

For a few weeks now she has spent most of her time every day in character as a kitty. If you ask her a question, she meows. If you tell her to do something, she meows. If you talk to her, look at her, hug her, put food in front of her, brush her hair, or pretty much have any form of interaction with her, she meows. (More interesting when you consider that she's never seen a cat close up in real life.) She even meows at her therapists. They don't like it and keep telling me we need to crack down on it so she'll stop. (it's not something we encourage, I promise) Sometimes the kitty act is endearing. Most of the time, not so much.

Since yesterday, anytime I say her name or call her by any of her usual nicknames, she'll say, "No! Lady!" So I've been playing along and calling her Lady. Tonight we went to her friend Whitney's birthday party and it wore her out so she was nice and snuggly when I was getting her ready for bed. It was lovely since she started out the day having a 20 minute meltdown about a box of Wheat Thins:

I was holding her and I said to her, "Time for bed, my little snugglebunny!" She lifted her head off of my shoulder and said, "No! No bunny, kitty! And so I laid her in her bed and said, "Good night, Lady the Snugglekitty!" And she grinned fromm ear to ear and said, "Nah-night, Mommy." I'll worry about getting her past the kitty complex later. Right now I just want to squeeze her and kiss her little cheeks. :)

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