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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cup, schmup. How about a syringe?

Who needs a cup/water bottle/sippy when you have an ample supply of 60ml syringes on hand? Certainly not Raya.

I think she drank more water this evening out of that syringe than she's ever had all at once before. She was so proud if herself for filling the cup, sucking water up into the syringe, and then squirting it into her mouth that she didn't even seem to notice how wet her shirt was getting. Or the floor. (Interestingly enough, she doesn't cough nearly as often when she drinks out if a syringe as she does when she drinks out of a cup.) I didn't mind the mess. It's nice to see her so pleased with herself. :)

The fact that she prefers to drink out of a syringe right now gave me a good laugh when I thought about the prospect of Raya showing up at school with a syringe instead of a water bottle. I wonder if the school has a policy on children drinking out of syringes.

After she had downed about 6 ounces of water, she wanted to eat some chocolate (um, ha ha, nice try kid) so she climbed up in her chair. You know, because she refuses to let anybody help her. While she was getting in her chair she kept saying something to me and for the life of me, I could NOT figure out what she was saying. I did notice once that she got interrupted part way through what she was saying by having to close her mouth so water didn't shoot out of it. THEN I realized that she was saying, "There's puke in my mouth. Water puke." Or at least I think that's what it was. She has been SO difficult to understand today, and it gets worse as the day goes on. A lot of the letter sounds that should be hard and crisp are much more soft than they should be when she makes them, but I've noticed that the more she talks, the softer & more slurred the sounds get. I've made a mental note to bring that up with whoever evaluates her for preschool & long term care and with her neurologist in a few months when we see her again because it doesn't seem quite right to me. It makes me wonder about her muscle tone in her mouth & throat, especially since we've also noticed that she coughs more after she's taken several swallows of water.

Anyway, once I realized that she was telling me that she had puked in her mouth but swallowed it back down, I was torn between feeling proud of her for not puking everywhere and being grossed out. At least it was just water. :)

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