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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sammy the Seal and lots o' puke

Raya had a great OT session today. She started out on the swing that looks like an upside down"T". It's a lot of work for her because it requires more core strength than the other swings. She was really quiet while she was on the swing and seemed sleepy. After the swing, she found a little ride-on toy that she REEEEEEALLY wanted to ride so her therapist let her. :) She set up a game for Raya where she picked up plastic rings at one end of the room, scooted to the other end of the room, and put them on Sammy the Seal's head. She loves Sammy the Seal and had to pet his head and talk to him every time she put a ring on his head. He barks at her when the ring falls past his tail.

They're buddies. :)

When she finished that game, she sat on the scooterboard and pulled herself across the room. She was unusually calm and compliant today but we just chalked it up to the progress she's made with her sensory processing. I was surprised by how well she did. She was really distracted by the other boy that was in the room but she kept doing what she was doing anyway.

After she was all done, her therapist did the oral sensory program. On Tuesday she let her go through all the steps but today she wouldn't let her finger into her mouth at all. Since Raya had done so well, I told her she could have 2 Smarties. She discovered them at Grandma's house and loves them. I love hearing her say Smarties because it sounds like"Farties". Immature, I know, but it's funny. :) She likes the way they crunch between her teeth and it gives her teeth a break from crunching ice. :)

When we got home she asked for some peaches. She ended up eating 6 peach slices so that was good. Not so good was when she all of a sudden had a fever at 5:00. It wasn't high and I wanted to get more calories into her so I gave her the next bolus feed but slowed the rate down. Poor baby didn't feel good.

At 9:00 her fever was 103 and she puked on me, the couch, the floor, and herself so I flushed her tube and we got cleaned up. Then a while later I noticed that her belly was looking rather puffy so I got out a bolus extension and syringe without a plunger to vent her with. I laid her down in a towel and opened the clamp but nothing happened, not even any belly burps. She definitely wasn't feeling good so I started to have her stand up so I could just drain her stomach and hopefully keep her from puking. Of course right as I was about to grab the bottle to drain her stomach into, she started vomiting. That time she was freaking out because it came out her nose and because there were 9 hour old peaches involved. I felt cheated that she puked all over me while I was in the middle of emptying her stomach. That time there was at least 6 ounces.

After we both got clean clothes on again, she laid back down on the couch. An hour or so later, she threw up another 6 ounces for a total of about 14 ounces, including 9-10 hour old peaches. Given that she's only had a total of 16.5 ounces of formula today, I'd say somebody's gut is taking the day off. We'll run a slow pedialyte drip tonight and hopefully she'll be feeling better in the morning and hopefully nobody else gets whatever she's got.

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  1. My daughter pukes on me at least once a day; I feel your pain! When my baby was NG I just pulled back on the syringe to empty her stomach. Is that how you do it with a G tube as well? Just attach the extension and pull back with the syringe?


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