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Friday, June 15, 2012

Retiring an old companion

Exactly 2 years ago this week, we said goodbye to this big clunky backpack & pump:
And hello to a much more compact and baby-friendly one. With the new pump came a new backpack, and it was small enough for a 7 month old to wear it. Sort of. :)
6-13-10, 7 months old
That poor little backpack has been through a lot. It's traveled to 5 different states, held GALLONS of formula, been dragged around, run through the washing machine, and goodness knows how many times it's been vomited on and had formula spilled in it. Raya learned how to crawl wearing this backpack:

And she learned how to walk wearing this backpack:
Raya on her first birthday
 After 2 years of around-the-clock use and abuse, it has seen better days. Actually, it's downright trashed. The lining has long since torn out of the inside, one of the straps has almost completely come unstitched, the padding has long since flattened out in the straps, and there's a giant hole in the top from where the heavy formula bag has pulled on the hook & velcro and shredded the fabric at the seam.
It really has seen better days.

We've had a new one sitting in our storage bench for over a year but I decided that we'd wear out the old one completely before getting out the new one. In light of our vacation this week, I decided now was a good time to break out the shiny new backpack. I don't like it. There's no hook to hang the formula bag on and the belly strap is too short to put it under Raya's belly like we did with her old one so it hits her just barely below her G tube. It did come with a nifty little carabiner clip though and it has a little pocket on the front that the old one didn't have and honestly, I'm just grateful that changing insurance last year allowed us to order a new one from home health without a hassle. 
Thank you, faithful old backpack, for a job well-done. You have served your time and deserve to rest in peace.

One of my favorite pictures of Raya, July 2010
And we can only hope that this new backpack won't be necessary 2 years from now. :)

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