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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Raya swallowed fries

Mark this day on the calendar! We went to dinner for Daddy's birthday and during dinner, Raya bit, chewed, and swallowed 4 whole french fries! There was no stuffing of the cheeks followed by me making her spit it all out into a napkin several times during dinner like before. Then she let me feed her a total of about a teaspoon of my mashed potatoes divided into about 20 bites while meowing. She thought she was pretty funny pretending to be a cat and letting me feed her. At one point she said, "You fee-in' me!" (you're feeding me!) and then let out a big cackle. After that, she had 3 tiny tastes of ice cream. The last one had chocolate syrup with it and she made a yuck face but insisted that she liked it. Don't know what's gotten into her but I'll take it. :) It totally made up for the other unpleasant/amusing dining experiences we've had at Applebee's. :) (you can read about those here and here.)

She's saying "my mow-feen!" Translated to "my mouth is clean!" Love her. :)

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