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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A {mostly} good day

Things got off to a rough start this morning. It wasn't too shocking to me given that she's had a few rough patches lately. Friday night she woke up at midnight groaning in pain for some reason. That meant that I was awake when the fire truck pulled up next door to help my neighbor that fell down the stairs though so I was able to go stay with her kids for a while after she left in the ambulance. Anyway, Raya cried most of the morning for one reason or another. (or none at all) She wanted something then she didn't want it. That seems to be the norm lately.

She was "humbwee" when the other kids were eating breakfast so she asked for her plain Greek yogurt. I offered her some dry cereal with it and she said yes, so I got a few Froot Loops. She didn't want Froot Loops. I got a few Trix, she didn't want Trix. I started to walk away with the Froot Loops & Trix, she didn't want me to take them. I put them on the table next to her high chair, she didn't want them there. I picked them up, she said she wanted them. I put them down on the table & walked away, she cried for 20 minutes and repeated over and over, "No wann-um! No wann-um!" She wanted them but she didn't want them and she was TOTALLY fixated on the cereal sitting on the table to the point where she wasn't even eating her yogurt because she was too upset. I finally put the cereal on her high chair tray and what do you know, that's what she wanted. You think that once your baby starts talking, they'll be able to tell you what they need or want but sometimes they don't even know what the need or want. :)

After the cereal meltdown was over, we got ready for church. Raya was very excited to go to church with us and that perked her up a lot. You wouldn't think that a 2 year old would care about going to church, especially since she's only been there 4 times since last August. I think it's because she sees the rest of us get ready and go every week. She loves her respite provider but I guess she likes us too. :)

We had planned on taking her to the nursery class starting last week, but then we heard that Hand-Foot-Mouth is going around like crazy all over the country and we're just not comfortable sending her into nursery yet. I don't know when we will or even IF we will, and I've decided that I really don't care about anyone else's opinion. Anyway, instead of sending her into the nursery class I took her to the adult classes with me again. She doesn't even realize that she's missing out on anything because she only went to nursery 4 times and apparently doesn't remember it. She's totally content to come with us and play with her little bag of toys and practice cleaning her mouth out between goldfish crackers. :)
Aside from having to change a poopy diaper in the middle of church, I really loved having her with me today. She was SO good in class and seemed to be really happy to be there. I was smart this week and remembered to bring her blanket. That helped a lot, especially because the air conditioning was on and I was freezing. :)
She's had an awesome eating day today. Between her breakfast, snack and dinner, she ate 8 tablespoons (i.e. 1/2 cup) of plain Greek yogurt, 20 goldfish crackers, 1/2 of a graham cracker, and 1/4 cup of Trix. The calorie count was right around 200 so that's awesome. She hasn't had a 200 calorie day in quite a while. Hopefully our trip this week won't mess up the good things we have going right now. :) On that note, post to follow in the near future about packing, clearing airport security, and flying with a tube fed child+3 siblings. :)

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