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Monday, June 4, 2012


Raya got a good start to her day today. She ate 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt and a few pieces of cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast. Mondays are her favorite days because her respite provider comes. She is very high on Raya's list of favorite people. She came this morning for a couple hours while I caught up on some things. I came downstairs and found her covered in children:

She's a very good sport and the kids all love her. Kaida really doesn't like the rule that we can't leave the other kids with her! :) While she was here, Raya ate a tablespoon of peanut butter and then had a short nap. Too short. It went downhill from there. She'd been in her bed for about an hour (but not asleep the whole time) and started crying loudly and angrily. I assumed she'd be standing up waiting for someone to get her out but when I walked in, she was still laying down and crying. I asked her if she was okay, if she had any owies, if she wanted out, if she wanted to stay in, if she was hungry, etc. and the answer to every question was a big fat no. Finally I just disconnected her from the pump and told her that when she was ready to come out, she could come out. Of course then she screamed her head off when I turned around and walked out of the room, but I still walked out. She's been testing the waters with me a lot lately in every single thing we do. She says she wants to do something herself so I let her, but then she just sits there and doesn't do anything. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to let her do that for every single miniscule task, so I've put my foot down. Who knew a2 year old could be so friggin' good at mind games.

After her 30 minute screaming fit, she finally came out of her room to play with the big kids. For the rest of the afternoon and evening, she wasn't interested in taking a bite of anything resembling food. It was odd considering that she always wants at least something in the afternoon if for no reason other than seeing the big kids eat. The only thing she wanted was ice. Cole has a thing with putting ice cubes in his glass and then leaving it on top of the microwave. Being the smartypants that she is, Raya pushed a chair up to it and stole ice to munch on. By dinnertime, she'd managed to eat 5 ice cubes and somebody had given her a washcloth to hold them in so her hand wouldn't freeze. She has very little sensitivity to cold and didn't care that her hand was cold and red. She was really crabby at dinner. I had decided earlier that I was going to have her try some chunky unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon in it but she was in no mood for it. I put a teaspoon of the applesauce in a cup with a teaspoon of Greek yogurt and she had a fit. She wanted nothing to do with it and just wanted more ice. I wasn't giving in though. The tricky thing about feeding therapy is that you only win when the kid thinks they're winning but knows that you're in charge. I think it's a little like hostage negotiations. I could tell before we even started that she wasn't going to have anything to do with it but she needed to at least taste something. She kept whining for ice so finally I told heer that when she kissed the soon with apples & yogurt on it, she could have ice. She very reluctantly leaned forward and I put the spoon to her lips. She then got a funny look on her face and loudly said what I think can be interpreted as, "Hey! It's on me!" And wiped her lips with her hand. Victory for me because she tasted the new food, and victory for her because she did it and got her ice.

Days like this are when I pray that Heavenly Father will remember me and be extra kind when Raya is a teenager. Heaven help me if we don't learn how to do things without every little detail being a power struggle.

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