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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weight check

Vent week continues. I have always considered myself lucky when it comes to the office where Raya's specialists are because we haven't had too many aggravating experiences there considering the ridiculous number of times we've been there since January 2010. Recently we've had more irritating experiences though and today's was pretty aggravating.

Remember how at last week's weight check, I commented about how it's crazy some of the things people let their kids do in waiting rooms? Case in point, while we were waiting (calmly and without any rowdiness from Raya) there was a little boy about her age that was REPEATEDLY JUMPING OFF THE BENCH right in front of his mother who sat and watched him every time without saying a word or even seeming to realize that it was not safe or appropriate waiting room behavior. I don't let my kids do stuff like that. EVER. Not even CLOSE to that, and even my wild little Raya has never attempted anything close to that.

Fast forward to today, we had Raya's OT appointment and then stopped in to the GI office for a weight check. Raya was nice and calm and organized from her OT appointment and on the walk from the car to the door, I reminded her that we were going to be quiet and sit down on the chair while we waited. We walked in, I got in line to check in, and Raya went over and crawled up onto a chair/bench (their waiting room furniture looks a lot like a Candyland game board with lots of curvy benches) and sat down. Like any 2 year old, after about 2 seconds she slid down and walked to another part of the bench and sat down. I sat down about 4 feet away from her and she quietly and calmly kept crawling up onto the bench, sitting down for a couple seconds, and then getting down. She wasn't bothering anybody, she wasn't endangering herself or anyone else, she wasn't standing up on the furniture, she wasn't doing anything she shouldn't have been.
She had gotten down once and started to crawl back up onto the bench and one of the front office people stood up at his desk and started to say something to her. Being a 2 year old and with other kids right next to her, she didn't realize he was talking to her so he turned to me and said, "Ma'am, she's not allowed to climb on the furniture like that." I looked over at my 2 year old who had one foot on the floor and one knee on the bench and said, "What?!? What do you mean? She's not doing anything." We went back and forth a little and I forget the exact words that were exchanged and once again, I thought of a million things I could have and SHOULD have said after the whole thing was over with, but I was completely taken off guard by it.
Okay, so yeah, if she had been walking along the benches like I've seen HUNDREDS of kids do in the past 2 1/2 years or standing up or jumping off or bothering people or being really loud, then I could see him saying something about it, BUT SHE WASN'T!!! She wasn't doing anything even remotely dangerous or obnoxious! I was SOOOOOOOOO MAD!!! (and still kind of am just a titch) Seriously so stupid. I'm sure there was something productive he could have been doing instead of sitting there judging me and telling me that my 2 year old can't do something that she wasn't even doing to begin with. Don't do stupid things to piss off your long-term patients' parents. It kind of made me want to stand on the furniture and do a little jig. It's probably a good thing we don't have to go back there for a while.

Anyway, Raya's weight is back up to 13.4 kg, which is about 29 lbs 8 oz so that's a big jump from last week. I guess that milk really did a number on her. Lesson learned, no milk for Raya!

OT went well today. We changed things up a little bit to hopefully avoid the 4 hour meltdown that Raya had after last Thursday's appointment and she did really well. She did the scooterboard for quite a while and I think it wore her out. I really should get a scooterboard and do it along with her. She's going to have amazing hamstrings if we keep doing that part of the program. :) Today she had a big alphabet puzzle to put together:
She picked up a piece, scooted to the other end of the room, put the piece in the puzzle, and scooted back for another piece. By the time she got to H or I, she was getting pretty tired. :)
She also played "put the heavy froggy in the hole," which is another one of her favorite OT games:
Now I'm going to take a deep breath, leave Raya in the care of her wonderful daddy who I most definitely couldn't handle any of this craziness without, and take the other 2 girls to their doctor appointments. It's days like this when I just want it to be time for all of us to go to bed already.

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