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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My baby is a big girl

Raya is turning into such a big girl. I've realized lately that by the time the other kids were her age, there was already another baby or almost another baby. As soon as you bring home a new baby, the older sibling all of a sudden looks huge. This time around there is neither but Raya suddenly looks and acts like a big kid anyway. She tries to copy everything the big kids do and say. She's bigger than all 3 of the other kids were at her age and it hurts when she plops down on top of you or steps on your feet. I want kidding when I said before that she's closing in on Kaida. They're only about 3 pounds apart now. I laughed when I saw them next to each other a few days ago because I realized that they were both wearing Kaida's 3T shirts and Raya's 24 month pants. She doesn't want help with anything anymore and protests when you try to help her. It adds on a lot of prep time when we're getting ready to go anywhere because she's not capable yet of doing some if the things that she doesn't want me to help her do. She screams in the car a lot lately because I won't let get buckle her own seatbelt despite the fact that she can't do it by herself yet. She also has decided that she needs to give herself meds now. It's resulted in Prilosec spraying in my face more than once because she starts pushing it before I've unclamped the tube. Last week I had gotten her meds ready and she wanted me to put the neurontin in her mouth. (she had just seen me give somebody else zyrtec from a syringe) I figured, what the heck, so I put a little of it in her mouth. She made the biggest yuck face I've ever seen her make and spent the next 10 minutes trying to wipe it out of her mouth with a wet wash cloth. :) She hasn't asked for meds in her mouth since then. :) In other news, she broke her record for the longest amount of time she's ever had a piece of food in her mouth. It was an oat from a multigrain Wheat Thin and she had it hidden in there for 4-5 hours. It appeared on the end of her tongue when I laid her down to change her diaper after her nap. Tonight I was talking to my grandparents on the phone and Raya kept climbing all over me. And jumping on the bed. In hindsight, letting her do that once was a bad idea even if it was as part of her OT protocol. :) She didn't have a nap today so she kept moving all afternoon and evening just to keep from falling asleep. Finally she sat down with me, and the next thing I knew she was passed out on the bed next to me. She's so cute when she's sleeping. :)

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