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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miss Independent

Raya is turning into a big girl. Not that independence is anything new for her, but she's kicked it up a notch lately. Take yesterday for example. First, she took her shirt off by herself. Then she noticed that her extension tube was taped to her stomach but not plugged into her G tube, so she took it upon herself to plug it in. (I had left it unplugged on purpose in an effort to not ruin the backflow valve in the first week with the new tube, but whatever.) As she wad trying to plug the extension in, she noticed that the tape was peeling off and decided to do something about it. She went to the supply bench and took out a box of Hypafix tape. Then she tried to get herself a piece, but Hypafix has to be cut with scissors so all she did was unroll several yards of it. A few minutes later, she was standing next to me while I was getting something out of the fridge. I decided to give her some pedialyte so I handed her the bottle from the fridge that had about 2 oz left in it. Instead of putting it on the counter, she said, "I dit bweek." Which means, "I get a drink." I turned around in time to get this blurry picture: She took a swig of pedialyte and laughed a proud laugh. Then she tried to take another drink but tipped it back a little too far and and poured it down the front of herself and choked on it. She's learning how to take her clothes off and sort of how to put clothes on. Sort of. She's also very much into brushing her own teeth. She doesn't let me touch the toothbrush but she likes for me to brush my teeth at the same time so she can copy what I'm doing. She's been a lot more accepting of a good variety of foods lately. She bites and chews but is hardly swallowing anything. She's had a stuffy nose for 9 days now so it's harder than usual for her to coordinate her breathing and eating. I had a bit of a down moment about her eating (or lack thereof) when we were driving to therapy today. No particular reason, just sometimes the enormity of the task of getting her to eat is completely overwhelming. Most of the time I just don't think about the whole picture for exactly that reason. We celebrate when she does well and don't dwell on it when she doesn't. Anyway, she ate black beans again this week. She hasn't had them in a while because she had decided she didn't like them anymore but she got over it. :) She ate a couple tablespoons of them but had a lot of trouble with the skins on the beans. I had to help her get it all out of her mouth because she started to gag on them. The same thing happens when she eats grapes, so today I peeled them for her and cut them into tiny pieces to try and deter her from packing her mouth full. It seemed to help and she ate 3 grapes so that was exciting. :) Someday she'll be able to take care of her G tube by herself. She's been practicing on Tubie-rina. :) Last night she decided that Tubie-rina needed some gauze on her tubie so she ran to the supply bench and got out a packet of gauze. I didn't know she even knew where we kept it. :) She ripped open the gauze packet and put it on Tubie-rina's G tube. It was precious. :) She's also become quite the copycat. She copies everything I say, everything the big kids say and do, and even attempts to song along with the radio. I ate a bowl of Froot Loops for breakfast and she just HAD to have some too. With "meeowkh"in it. :) She ate most of the Froot Loops, took a sip of the milk, put the bowl on the table, and said, "I done, Mommy." :) It was only a couple tablespoons of them but she chewed/mashed and swallowed them and enjoyed herself in the process so I was happy. :)

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