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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 100th!

This weekend has been a pretty exciting one in our family. Raya's great grandpa turned 100 years old on Saturday and we had a big party to celebrate.
We were a little worried about how Raya would do at the party since it sounded like a recipe for disaster. Lots of people, lots of noise, huge crowded room, food, and no nap. She surprised us though, and seemed to really enjoy herself. She was a lot more comfortable than she was at our family Easter gathering but being at an assisted living facility, this was a little more calm than Easter. :)
Raya wanted to be held a lot still, which is one of the ways she copes with crowds, so she sat on her Grandma's lap and had a little chat with Great-Grandpa.

She ate a couple nibbles of a sandwich roll, a bite of strawberry, and a few small tastes of my ice cream. I tried to give her some of the whipped cream mixed with strawberries from on top of the cake but she flat out refused to open her mouth for that. :) She also got to have a few tastes of Aunt Kelly's ice cream, which is a pretty big deal since Aunt Kelly NEVER shares her food with the kiddos. :)

We ended up being there for the whole 3 hours of the party and she did great the whole time. Towards the end, she kept filling up cups of water from the dispenser that was just at the right level for a 2 year old who has a fascination with water. I kept taking the cups away and eventually she had a meltdown so we took that as our cue to leave. :)

Even when she's throwing a fit on the floor, she's adorable. I think it's the pigtails. And the fact that there was enough other noise that we couldn't hear her. :)

Her respite provider is out of town this weekend so we took her to church with us for the first time since Christmas. It was the first time since August that she'd been to the full 3 hours of church. We were a little nervous about how she'd do but she really surprised us yet again. She sat all the way through the first 2 hours of church without causing any major disturbances. She played with the toys she had brought, drew on a little notepad, and stuffed Wheat Thins in her mouth. I let her because if I had tried to go all feeding therapy on her and only let her have one bite at a time, she would have screamed. :)
Once the third hour came along, she was done. It was way past naptime and she wanted to crawl under the rows of chairs dragging her backpack behind her. That was the point at which we became a full-blown circus act so we removed ourselves to the hallway for the rest of the hour. She kept saying, "Tan we doe home?" and staring longingly out the window with her backpack dragging along behind her.
But we survived. Our ward split (meaning the boundaries of the group we attend church with changed) in October so most of the people we go to church with now have never met Raya. A couple of people asked me if we'd be taking her to nursery but I told them there are still too many bugs going around. We're still trying to make up lost ground from the sinus infection in January and whatever she had a couple weeks ago, so we're still trying to minimize her exposure. Hopefully soon. :)

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