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Friday, April 20, 2012

A few fun pictures

It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here and the pictures have been piling up on my phone. I keep meaning to post them but just haven't gotten to it, so here they are. :) Little missy loves mischief!
"helping" me get her Hypafix tape ready
Having a swig of Pedialyte
Putting on Daddy's shirt
Green smoothie moustache, and yes, she did have a few sips of it
Drinking water out of Mommy's contact lens case. Yummy!
Sucking water out of the soaking wet teddy bear actually made the contact lens case look good. :)
Kaida and Raya came with me to bring Whitney her Tubie Friend. Feel better soon, sweet girl!

Visiting our sweet friend Whitney (or "Whit-na-nee" as Raya calls her) who is recovering from a pretty major surgery. Raya really liked Whitney's glow worm. :) Whitney is having a really rough time recovering from what turned out to be a much more invasive survey than anyone had anticipated and our prayers are with her and her parents. Some kids just have it rough.

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