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Thursday, March 8, 2012


I know I've been writing a lot about occupational therapy lately but I'm pretty sure it's the closest thing to magic that I've ever seen. We saw our new OT for the 4th time today and once again, Raya fell asleep during therapy. This is the picture I sent to her previous OT during our appointment:
This is the child who had been having wild mood swings all morning and causing all kinds of chaos. We had to tie the handles of the fridge together because she will NOT stay out of the cheese drawer! The fact that she's willing to eat things that she previously had no interest in is good but she still needs to know that it's not okay to just take whatever she wants whenever she wants it. Anyway, she had been pretty high strung all morning so I was REALLY glad she had OT so we could bring her back down off of the ceiling. For a while, anyway. She's been wild & crazy for most of the day anyway, but at least for 45 minutes she was in a zen-like state. :)

We were in a different room today so instead of a tiny, dark room, we had a very big and well-lit room. It didn't seem to bother her though, she already knew what she was there for and seemed excited to start her massage. Who wouldn't be? :) She relaxed and went to sleep and we just let her. It is just plain amazing to see her go from such a high strung state to completely and totally relaxed and asleep in a matter of 15 minutes. She was so out cold that I'm pretty sure a train could have gone past her and it wouldn't have made her flinch. She's been wild & crazy for most of the day anyway, but at least for 45 minutes she was in a zen-like state. :)
The picture is blurry because the swing was moving but even so, you can tell how comfortable and relaxed she is. It makes me SO happy to see her like that.

The part of today's appointment that made me laugh really hard was when her therapist made the point that this relaxed version of Raya is really the only version of her that she's ever seen. HILARIOUS! It is so funny to me to think that someone has only seen the relaxed version of her when she's only like that about .01% of the time during daylight hours.

One of her feeding therapists came this afternoon. She hasn't seen Raya since before she started OT again but after being here for 10 minutes, she said, "Um, can she get OT every day please?" I wish!!

Right now the things we're trying to make progress with seem small and sometimes it's hard to see the big picture or think too far into the future. Raya is only 2 years old right now but the reality is that if we don't address her sensory problems right now at this young age, they WILL carry over into difficulty in school. It could mean she has difficulty coping with the distractions in her environment. It could be that her brain will be so busy consciously trying to perceive her position in space that she won't have the ability to do that AND focus on schoolwork. Or maybe she'll have so much trouble sitting still that she'll be a distraction to her classmates. I know parents who have been skeptical or reluctant about putting their 1 or 2 year olds in OT because its benefits are difficult to explain and to understand, but what I do know is that the earlier sensory issues are addressed, the better equipped the child will be to focus and learn when they reach school age.

I wish I was better at explaining exactly what differences OT makes and how it works but all I can say is that OT is AMAZING. We are SO lucky blessed to have had a year with one amazing OT and to be starting with another amazing OT.

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