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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raya's day in pictures

9:30am: take shower to wash mushy Cheerios out of hair and upper half of body:

10:30am: take short nap before therapy

11:45 am: ride to therapy without making a peep during the whole drive, making Mommy wonder what's wrong with you
12:15pm: fall asleep in the cuddle swing (or is it coddle swing? never can tell) which REALLY makes Mommy wonder what's wrong with you, prompting therapist to take your temperature which is 99.5 degrees

1:15pm: turn down feeding therapist's offer of your favorite food: sour cream

2:00-3:00pm: be like this:

3:30pm: fall asleep for the 3rd time in one day while your temperature continues to rise

6:00 pm: voluntarily lay on the couch. Yep, definitely sick.

7:30pm: watch Mommy lose all faith in her new temporal artery thermometer when she takes your temperature and it reads 106.3 because you're hot but not THAT hot

9:00pm: Tell Mommy you want to go to the doctor

10:00pm: watch Mommy's cheeks turn red while she tries to convince the urgent care doctor (and herself) that she's not just bringing you there out of undue paranoia, especially when he says your ears are clear, your chest is clear and he thinks you just have the flu but you might have a UTI. Then they cath you to test your urine. It really pisses you off. (please excuse Mommy's little late night urine humor)

10:30pm: watch Mommy bite her tongue when the doctor comes back in and says, "Good news, her urine is clear." Because that's not good news. A UTI would have been better because the other 5 people you live with can't catch a UTI from you. Then watch Mommy force a smile and nod when the doctor says, "She's definitely not dehydrated." because you and Mommy both know that the whole reason you're not dehydrated is because Mommy was smart enough to start giving you Pedialyte through the G tube as soon as your fever hit 102.

10:35pm: You and Mommy want to go home and go to bed.
10:40pm: Take a Mr. Incredible sticker on your way out and yell, "Bye!" whilst doing your best beauty queen wave so that all the nurses will say, "Awww, she's so cute!" Then get in the car and play with the sticker while Mommy tries to find a 24 hour pharmacy that has liquid Tamiflu in stock.

11:15-11:45pm: Sleep peacefully in your carseat while Mommy sits in the parking lot at Walgreens waiting for the stupid Tamiflu.

11:55pm: Get annoyed with Mommy when she takes your flip flops off because you wanted to wear them to bed.

It's been a long day. Thank heavens for Pedialyte through the G tube and that it's not this complicated with the other 3 when they get sick. We apologize to anyone we may have infected if she does in fact have the flu. However, given the limited number of places Raya goes, she probably caught it from the same places we potentially contaminated with it today so I don't feel that bad.

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  1. Poor thing... You can see in her eyes as the day goes by how she isn't feeling well. My mom can always tell how I feel by my eyes and now I actually see it! I hope Raya gets better and doesn't infect the rest of the family!

    Take care Brandis!



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