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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday, Mommy!

I used to refer to Raya as my little vomiting alarm clock due to the inevitable 5:30-6:00 vomiting. Then she moved on to waking me up by filling the room with the stench of Peptamen poop. Thank goodness those days are mostly behind us. She's coming up with a new wake-up call though, and I'm not a fan. This morning she climbed out of her crib, came over to the bed and said, "Mommy, my tubie out!" And so it was:
I'm really not sure how or when it came out this time. The balloon and her belly were dry so I don't think it got pulled out when she climbed out of bed. The balloon was full of water still (5.5ml) and it hasn't gotten lopsided or anything so I just don't know. The good thing was that it went back in really easily and she hadn't gotten fed overnight so there was no belly puke to clean up. :)

Then there was naptime. Always an adventure. :) Ever since her OT came over on Friday and brought the exercise ball for me to sit on and rock her as part of her sensory protocol, she doesn't want to go to bed without me rocking her. It does make things a little difficult sometimes when I need her to just go to bed, but I'm not complaining at all. I've been waiting a LONG time for her to decide that she's okay with me snuggling her like that and I love it. Most of the time I'd rather just forget everything else that's waiting for me and rock her until she goes to sleep.
Anyway, today she went to bed with no fits but didn't go to sleep quickly like I had hoped. I had some work to get done upstairs so I don't really know when she actually fell asleep but I came down when I heard the pump start beeping. I peeked through the hole in our bedroom door (Raya locked us out once & there's no key so we had to cut a hole in the door) and the little stinker was on the floor sleeping like a rock. At some point, she had climbed out of bed but with the pump hooked up to her and the backpack hanging on the IV pole, she only had about a 6 foot "leash" so she didn't make it far.
She was so cute sleeping with her little bum in the air! :) She has been very sweet and cuddly today in between saying things like, "Go upstairs and get jammies on!" to the big kids and, "You're mean!" to me. :) She's also been pretending to be a kitten a lot. She'll hug my leg and say, "I'm a diddin, Mommy! MEE-ow!" and then crawl around on the floor. I ♥ her! :)

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