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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The cleanest mess she's ever made

We're still plugging away at the sensory protocol. Raya's OT was able to come to our house on Friday and go through the protocol with her in the same environment that I do it in. It became quite obvious at that appointment that Raya has been classically conditioned to relax in the presence of her therapist. :) As soon as we walked into the room and turned on the relaxing music, Raya laid down on the floor and didn't move a muscle while her therapist massaged her and did joint compressions. When I do that with her, Raya sits up every 5 seconds to try and get more lotion and in between that, she's yelling, "I want more lotion!" For the therapist, nada. She just laid there and let the therapist massage her and be in control of the lotion. After the massage & joint compressions, her therapist wrapped her up in one of her favorite blankets and rocked her. Within 2 minutes, the kid was asleep!

Yesterday at naptime, I went through the sensory protocol with her just like her therapist did the day before. She was more cooperative than usual and even though she didn't fall asleep, she didn't throw a fit when I put her in bed so I considered it a success. For a few minutes anyway. Then I heard her crying and yelling, "MOMMY!!" over and over again so finally I went in to see what was going on. Here's what I found:
Instead of going to sleep like she was supposed to, she climbed out of her bed to fetch a little pink bolster pillow full of tiny styrofoam beads that was sitting on the foot of our bed. If you look closely, you can see that the tubing from her feeding pump is stretched as far as it can go since it's still connected to her stomach. Evidently, the cheap-o little pillow had a weak seam in between the tags and it sprung a leak. To a curious toddler, a little hole that your fingers can get into MUST become a large enough hole that your whole hand can fit in, so Raya took care of that. Then all the tiny styrofoam beads came spewing out of the pillow and all over everything around her. Thanks to static electricity, we will be finding tiny styrofoam beads for years to come. While I stood there trying to decide where to begin the vacuuming in order to minimize the spread of the styrofoam spill, I of course took several pictures.  She looked like she had just broken out of a snowglobe. :)
She kept getting them in her mouth (which is why she's sticking her tongue out in the picture above) and that was a good reminder of how much progress she's made. If she'd gotten those tiny things in her mouth a year or 18 months ago, she would have gagged and thrown up. :)

This is her best attempt at a sad face. She was trying really hard to cry and mean it. :)
This is what the inside of the vacuum looked like after the cleanup.
 This was one tricky mess to clean up! It seemed like the more I tried to clean it, the more it spread. After a solid 30 minutes of vacuuming, shaking things out, brushing them off of both of us, vacuuming more, etc., I gave up and declared the mess clean enough. We will be finding them stuck to everything for years to come but quite honestly, I would clean up that mess ANY DAY as opposed to some of the other messes that girl has made. This one didn't involve any smelly substances pouring out of her stomach or intestine or any other orifices. :)

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  1. If they are still static-y buy a can of Static Guard. It is in the laundry aisle. Works great for things like that.
    Cute, silly Raya!


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