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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yesterday after we got home from picking the kids up at the bus stop, I walked into the kitchen and saw this:
And for the record, I have NO idea where she learned that from. I certainly have never done it...
Perhaps I should start letting her drink out of the milk jug ALL the time. She didn't pour it on the floor like she does with every other cup we've tried. :) And yes, I realize that taking pictures before I tell her that getting into the fridge and taking the milk jug out and then drinking out of it is a no-no probably sends the wrong message. I just can't help myself though. :)

We got the sad news last week that Raya's OT is moving away. I've been pretending she's not leaving but since we only have 1 more pool therapy appointment, I had to ask for a refund yesterday for the 2nd half of the month that we had already paid for. The lady said, "So you're sure that next week is your last appointment with Elizabeth?" and I had to admit out loud that it is. I am SO sad that she's leaving. Raya is going to be so ticked when she finds out she doesn't get to go "fwimmeen" with "Buh-biff" anymore! We are crossing our fingers that the clinic finds a new therapist to take Raya on very soon and that a spot will open up for pool therapy again. A major change in routine with the therapy that has made the biggest difference for her is a scary thing. (I say that OT has made the biggest difference because it has helped her to tolerate her other therapies so much better and she gets so much more out of them now, not because the other therapists aren't great too. They are. :)
Anyway, I've said at various points along this little journey that I've fully acknowledged the times when we have it really good with Raya because I understand that those times may not last very long. Things change, and that's okay. There's a part of me that can't help but wonder if there's a storm brewing here but for now, we're going to enjoy our last 3 appointments with Elizabeth and PRAY that we get a new therapist as soon as possible.

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