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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here, Mommy, have a heart attack

Bless her little heart, Raya likes to play little practical jokes on her mother. Fortunately, I have learned in the past 2 years to not panic and to find humor in most situations. Unfortunately, once again there is no picture to go with my story because I was too busy keeping myself from panicking.
Raya had feeding therapy with Miss Cathy at 1:00 and I had invited her respite provider to come and watch a FT session so that she would have a better idea of how to help Raya and keep her safe when she's eating. Right when she got here, I opened the front door and then the feeding pump started beeping. When I walked into the bedroom to see why it was beeping, I did not expect to see what I saw.
Raya often holds things when she sleeps. Usually it's some kind of stuffed animal, small toy, or a washcloth/burp rag. This time, I walked in and looked at her and she was sound asleep clutching her G TUBE in her hand. AAAAAHHH! It was actually kind of cute aside from the fact that it was supposed to be in her stomach, not her hand. Due to the fact that I needed to get the tube back in ASAP, I didn't take a picture, darn it. :) On the bright side, it gave me a chance to give Megan another refresher on how to reinsert a pulled out G tube. :)
There have been other times when Raya had pulled the tube out during her naptime and I had no idea how long it had been out, but it's always popped back in fairly easily. There was one time where I really thought I was going to have to take her in to get the stoma stretched but eventually got it in. 
She must have been having a really good motility day today because everything in her bed (sheet, clothes, etc.) was dry, which means A. the tube had been out long enough for everything to dry out, and B. there must not have been much left in her stomach or the bed would have been wet. I brought her out in the living room & laid her on the floor and gathered the necessary supplies (water, towel, special little syringe, etc.). Then I lifted up her shirt and that's when I *almost* panicked. The hole in the middle of her stoma was TINY. It's amazing how huge the tube suddenly looks when you realize you're going to have to stick it back in a hole that looks really tiny. :) Thankfully with the help of a little KY jelly, it slid back in without much trouble.
Of course it was all in the name of mischief. It's a domino effect, really. The periactin she's on to stimulate her appetite makes it hard for her to fall asleep at naptime, so while she's not sleeping, she's doing naughty little things like peeling the Hypafix tape off of her stomach, unhooking her extension tube, and then poking the tip of the extension tube into the balloon port on the G tube and letting the water out of the balloon. Once she had done that, there was nothing keeping the tube in her stomach so it probably just fell out. And then with it tucked safely into her squishy little hand, she drifted off to dreamland. :)

(and feeding therapy went very well today and she's eaten 229 calories. yay for periactin :)

And here she is all snuggled up to the Grinch tonight:

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