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Friday, January 20, 2012

2 Year Tubiversary!

Today is Raya's 2 year "Tubiversary"
It's something that I have mixed emotions about. Tube feeding was medically necessary but not without long-lasting consequences. If you think potty training a kid is difficult, try teaching a 2 year old how to eat and drink. :)
Here is Raya the day she got her first "tubie":
January 20, 2010 at Phoenix Children's Hospital
 Thanks to the tube, in 1 year on the feeding tube (NG, then G, then GJ) Raya went from "underweight and malnourished" to this:

January 2011- What a chunk!!
In year 2, Raya went from being tube-fed directly into her small intestine (because her stomach couldn't tolerate having anything in it) to eating a couple hundred calories a day:
To a tubie mama, this is what a "beautiful mess" looks like

Even though we wish our little girl didn't need a piece of medical-grade silicone sticking out of her stomach in order to be fed and hydrated, we are grateful for the technology that has kept her alive & well, nourished her developing brain, and given her the strength to grow and develop like a typical 2 year old.

We love our tubie!

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