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Sunday, November 6, 2011

We have an escape artist

The timing with eliminating Raya's night feed couldn't have been better. This week she learned how to climb out of the crib. Ugh.
She's pretty proud of herself. :) When she wakes up in the morning now, she climbs out of bed, runs over & crashes into my side of the bed and says, "Hi Mommy! Ah ou-ba bed!" (translation: I'm out of bed!)

She's been SO lively lately! As she was wrestling to try and shove a stool in front of me in the kitchen so she could "help" me cook dinner tonight, I asked Donny if he remembered Ashtyn being this energetic & lively at Raya's age. He kind of laughed because Ashtyn was nowhere NEAR Raya's level of energy. We agreed that NONE of the other kids were as busy as Raya. Maybe it's because her diet is nutritionally complete and she gets 100% of her caloric needs every day. (thank you, feeding tube. :) Or maybe it's just Raya. :)
It turns out that peer pressure isn't entirely a bad thing. Tonight at dinner, the other 3 kids all wanted sour cream on their beans & cornbread. As soon as she heard me ask who wanted sour cream, she started yelling, "Ah-sa-sa-teem!!" (she yells ALL the time now) So just for kicks, I plopped some on her plate. She smeared it around with her spoon and stuck the spoon in her mouth and then shouted to me that she wanted more. I figured what the heck, if she wants it she can have it. I would guess she ended up eating about 1 tablespoon, which is about 23 calories. Darn reduced fat sour cream! :)

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